Our Mission and Ethos

Your Strategy. Implemented.

Your Strategy. Implemented.

Our Mission

Skarbek helps organisations adapt and grow, through realising their strategic goals. We bring our clients:

  • clarity, momentum and control when tackling change;
  • reassurance that projects and programmes will be delivered successfully, on-time and on-budget;
  • a stronger capability to deliver themselves.

Krystyna Skarbek

Our Ethos

Skarbek is named after Krystyna Skarbek, one of the Britain’s most remarkable Special Operations agents in WWII. She smuggled Polish airman and Hitler’s plans for the invasion of Russia out of her native Poland. Dropped behind enemy lines in France, she single-handedly rescued two of Britain’s key agents from a Gestapo prison and forced the surrender of a crucial fort in the Alps. Her story has been told in detail in an acclaimed biography.

Krystyna Skarbek showed that with courage, determination and creativity one person can make a disproportionate impact. She delivered the seemingly impossible through leadership, focus and optimism. These are the values which inspire Skarbek Associates.