Aligning the German Division of a Global Firm

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the German Division of  a Global Firm


“….for the first time we all know exactly what the priorities are” – Leadership Team Member

The German division of a global consumer firm had lost focus and momentum. This was mainly due to a plethora of competing initiatives, poorly aligned with the firm’s overall strategy.


The Needs
The Leadership team needed to regain control, and prioritise those initiatives that were the most important for delivering the strategy.
How we helped
We conducted in-depth analysis of the existing initiatives. We discovered and documented 240 of them – a number which shocked the Leadership Team.
We facilitated Leadership Team sessions to a) reduce this to 18 key programmes, all closely aligned to the overall strategy, and b) prioritise these 18 programmes.
We helped implement the change from 240 initiatives to 18 programmes.
The results
The Leadership Team gained a new sense of control over, and engagement with, their organisation.
Staff felt greater clarity, purpose and momentum, as well as a new connection with the overall strategy.
Within six months, the division had achieved its highest market share ever.