Building Capability for a Major Government Department

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Building Capability for a Major Government Department


“We could never have moved at this pace on our own…. we rated Skarbek 9/10 for Delivery” – Project Sponsor

A large UK central government department were transforming the way they develop, procure and use IT. They were already one of the biggest and most complex IT estates in Europe, but will need to quickly build significant new capability, especially in project leadership and delivery.



The Needs
A clear vision of the future state and the steps needed to get there, understood and communicated to employees and stakeholder.
A credible Capability Building Strategy, supported by a detailed and workable Delivery Plan. .
A repeatable Capability Building process, flexible and robust enough to be used to fill future Capability Gaps as yet unknown.
How we helped
Skarbek moved at pace to articulate a Vision and refine the department’s existing Strategy to align with it. These endorsed by senior leadership and communicated to middle management.
Middle management were engaged in the creation of a costed, timed and owned Implementation Plan, structured around specific capability gaps.
The results
Within two months of first being approached, and one month of working on the project, Skarbek had delivered the department a comprehensive Vision, Capability Strategy, Implementation Plan and Capability Engine.
A complex set of challenges had been given structure, clarity and momentum. Senior leader had new tools and middle management was engaged.
The department has now embarked on its Capability Build, based on Skarbek’s work.