Integrating a Consumer Healthcare Company


Operating as one


a Consumer Healthcare Company


“I was able to focus on growing the business, not on micro-managing the integration” – CEO

A leading consumer healthcare company had an ambitious growth agenda and had just succeeded in acquiring a medium-sized healthcare company with a complimentary brand portfolio and needed to integrate the businesses rapidly. The two businesses had different cultures but there was a strong leadership desire to integrate the acquired company in a manner which engaged all acquired employees.


The Needs
To integrate the new business rapidly in order to maintain and increase sales momentum and profitability whilst retaining the best talent.
How we helped
Rapidly organised and mobilised integration teams in country and regional offices across Europe.
Developed workstream plans to integrate all functions.
Set demanding timescale.
Devolved maximum “freedom of action and decision-making’ with no loss of strategic control.
The results
First full country integration was completed within weeks of regulatory authority clearance.
Employee engagement and morale was increased across the course of the integration.
Acquired brands grew rapidly and outpaced competition.