Transformation within a FTSE 100 Company

Trasforming business services

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within a FTSE 100 Company


“Skarbek have helped us to turn ideas and aspirations into concrete steps” – Country General Manager

A major Western European division of a FTSE100 company had identified risks in its corporate culture. Transforming its culture was seen as business-critical. Simultaneously the division was faced with a major restructuring, with a headcount reduction of up to 15%.

The Needs
Wide employee understanding of what the new culture needed to be, and why. A concrete plan to create and embed it.
Ensuring that the two transformations (restructuring and cultural) were aligned and sequenced. Realising synergies where possible, but avoiding unhelpful entanglement.
How we helped
Assisting management develop a vision, key messages and a detailed communication programme, including two-way feedback.
Advice on aligning and sequencing the restructuring, so as to minimise further negative impact on the culture.
Structuring the transformation into three key workstreams, each with objectives, actions, ownership, timeframes and metrics.
Hard-wiring employee consultation, participation and ownership into the transformation: the intended new culture will be demonstrated within the transformation process itself.
The results
An ongoing project. Restructuring has begun. The culture transformation will be launched in early 2014.