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Capability Building


Most CEOs and senior leaders confess their organisations could be better at executing strategic initiatives in particular adapting to change and seizing new opportunities. Our ability to build capability for execution and implementation is proven and world-class.

See Capability Building Case Studies: Building Capability for a Major Government Department, Training a Global Company in Project Management

Your needs
To build organisational “muscle” in order to execute strategy by effective delivery of business goals, programmes and projects.
How we can help
Develop a tailored capability programmes for immediate deployment and effect.
Transfer and embed program and project leadership skills and capability at all levels throughout the organisation.
The results
Enterprise wide agility to mobilise and tackle any new priority.
Everyone knows “how we do things” – common language.
Crystal clear roles and responsibilities.
Operate faster and more efficiently than the competition.


Capability Building Courses

Skarbek also offer training courses in Project Leadership, which have proven highly effective in building the capability of global companies.