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Skarbek supports great causes

Wendy Searle – South Pole 2020

Skarbek Associates are proud to be sponsoring Wendy Searle in her upcoming challenge, showcasing the limits of human endurance. Wendy is aiming to break the women’s world speed record for skiing solo to the south pole, unassisted and unaided. Her journey will cover over 700 miles of ice and snow, crevasses and katabatic winds.

As Wendy inches her way across the frozen wastes of the Antarctic continent, her mental strength will be tested to the limits. Challenges will include physical hardship, isolation, monotony, sub-zero temperatures, white-outs and the life-threatening danger of crevasses.

Working with Dr Nathan Smith and Exeter University, Wendy will be recording data on her mental state both during the expedition itself and in the run up to the 39-day trip. Data gathered from the team will form part of a study into mental health at the limits of human resilience and this work will also continue to gather evidence for research into female resilience, something which is close to Skarbek’s heart and exemplified through our namesake, Krystyna Skarbek.

Find out more at https://southpole2020.com/


Kiko Matthews – Solo Atlantic Crossing

Skarbek Associates supported Kiko Matthews in her successful attempt to break a World Record for crossing the Atlantic. On 22 March 2018, she became the fastest female to row the Atlantic, solo and unsupported. Kiko completed the challenge in 49 days 7 hours and 15 minutes, beating the previously held record by a week. The journey took her across 4,819km (2,602 nautical miles), from Gran Canaria to Port St. Charles, Barbados.

Read more about her journey here


Passionate about diversity and the disadvantaged

Women In Law

Skarbek organised an evening in support of Women in Law UK at the Special Forces Club. This followed their partnership at the Global Law Summit. To read more about https://womeninthelawuk.co.uk/


Byte Night

Staff from Skarbek Associates Ltd helped to raise more than £1 million to help homeless children and young people by spending the night sleeping rough. To find out more about Byte Night please visit bytenight.org.uk

Our Corporate Social Responsibility