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Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond tells Skarbek audience that agility is key to thriving in the global economy

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond tells Skarbek audience that agility is key to thriving in the global economytest

Skarbek Associates was delighted to host an event on 28 January 2016 at the Stationers’ Hall in London at which the Foreign Secretary, the Right Honorable Philip Hammond, shared his perspective on the world political situation and the opportunities and challenges it presents for business.


Introducing the Foreign Secretary, Paul Heugh, Skarbek’s CEO connected the 600 year old Company of Stationers with the evening’s theme, reflecting on how Guttenberg’s printing press brought about transformation to society and its knowledge of foreign affairs. This in turn triggered the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire and the transformation of the political landscape across Europe.
Referencing a recent discussion with the Chief Strategy Officer of a Global Energy Company, Paul said “We live in a ‘V.U.C.A. world’ that has become a V.U.C.A. cubed world. We operate at the intersection of Volatilty, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity across a truly globalized economy where any country’s affairs may and do have a direct impact on all of us.”



In front of an audience of senior figures from across industry, financial and legal services and members from the Runnymede and Weybridge Enterprise Forum, the Foreign Secretary  went on to deliver a fascinating talk. He described the Government’s foreign affairs priorities and his perspective on the role that Britain plays and should continue to play on the world economic and political stages.   He identified some of the key uncertainties and challenges that are currently being faced from diverse sources around the world but went on to emphasise that change can create real opportunities for business.  Philip Hammond went on to say, “there are lots of challenges, but also big opportunities – both strategically for Britain and for British businesses.”

When asked about the qualities that business will need to take advantage of these opportunities, the Foreign Secretary focused on the importance of agility: “Agility will be critical – the ability to spot opportunities and adapt and evolve at a time when the pace of change is faster than ever before.”


The evening generated engaged discussion amongst the audience who continued well after the formal proceedings had come to a close.

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