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Seminar on Knowledge Exploitation

Learning from experience – moving beyond knowledge management

To err is human.  People, and companies, make mistakes – collectively and individually.  It is the reaction to those mistakes that is critical.  While organisations can usually identify when things go wrong, most are not able to adapt, improve and make the changes to learn the right lessons.  Organisations that have most successfully learnt from their mistakes are those that have generated a strong leadership and behavioural culture to review the past and inform the present and future.

Knowledge Exploitation goes beyond traditional Knowledge Management efforts and looks at the skills needed to implement changes, through examining the efforts in the British Army and BP to learn from experience.

Skarbek Associates have pioneered the concept of Knowledge Exploitation within the legal sector.   As part of this work Skarbek will be holding a Knowledge Exploitation seminar on 11th November, specifically adapted for law firms.  The seminar will last for the full day and will focus on interactively transferring our experience in a way that allows you to have a significantly impact on your firm’s capability. The cost of the seminar is £890 per delegate.

There are still some places available; to register please contact Amber Dagnall by email/phone ( 3 178 5209)