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Women Don’t Need to Prove Themselves on the Front Line – They Already Have

Written by:
Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb KBE, CMG, DSO
Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb KBE, CMG, DSO

Skarbek featured in the Huffington Post this week with Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb’s commentary on General Nick Carter’s investigation into whether women should be allowed to serve in front line infantry units.

Gen Sir Graeme Lamb wrote:

This is naturally a controversial issue, but for those of us who are familiar with the incredible stories of the women agents of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in World War Two, there is little doubt about what the evidence should reveal. These women undertook missions behind German lines fearlessly and with extraordinary utility to the Allies, aware that one mistake could result in both torture and execution. Their creativity determined the course of the war of a number of occasions, and their courage saved thousands of individual lives.

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